Вестник по английскому языку

У нас вы найдете полный сборник вопросов по английскому языку с ответами и бесплатно.

Compound nouns
Forming the possessive form of nouns
Indefinite article (a/an)
Definite article (the)
Articles with nouns in set expressions
Personal pronouns / Objective case of Personal Pronouns
Possessive pronouns
Reflexive pronouns
Demonstrative pronouns
Indefinite pronouns and their adverbials (some, any, no)
All / all of most / most of no / none of etc
Distributives - Both / both of neither / neither of either / either of
All, every and whole
Each, every, other and another
Adjectives and adverbs, sentence completion
Adjectives ending -ing and -ed (boring / bored etc.)
Adjectives and adverbs with exceptions well hard
So and such, enough and too the same, as
Comparative adjectives
Superlative adjectives
Comparison - much better / any better / the sooner... the better
Comparison - as...as, not so...as, like, than
Still / yet / already / any more / any longer / no longer / even
Viewpoint and commenting adverbs
Adverbs of certainty
Numerals #
Verb. Sentence completion - suitable verb
Modal verbs - can, could, be able to + V
Could (do) and could have (done)
Must / can't / have to / needn't
May and might
Should / would / had better
Requests / offers / permission / invitations
Tenses. Present Simple
The Present Continuous Tense
The Present Perfect Tense. The Present Perfect Continuous Tense
The Past Simple Tense
The Past Continuous Tense
The Past Perfect Tense
The Past Perfect Continuous Tense
The Future Simple Tense / to be going to
The Future Continuous Tense. The Future Perfect Continuous Tense
The construction: used to
Passive Voice: The Present Tense
Passive Voice: The Past Tense
Passive Voice: The Future Tense
Reported Speech: Statements
Reported Speech: Questions
Reported Speech: Orders / Requests
Tag questions
I think so /I hope so etc. so do I / Neither do I
Relative clauses with who / that / which
Clauses with and without who / that / which
Clauses with whose / whom / where
Clauses: extra information clauses
Clauses with V-ing and V-ed (gerund, participle)
Verb + V-ing
Verb + to V
Complex object: Verb (+ object) + to V
Verb + V-ing or to V
Preposition (in / for / about etc.) + V-ing
Prefer and would rather
Be / get used to
Verb + (Noun) + preposition + V-ing
To..., for... and so that #
Adjective + to V #
Although / though / even though / In spite of / despite
Unless / As long as / provided / providing / in case
As / Like and as / as if / as thopgh
For / during and while
At / on / in / on time and in time / at the end and in the end (time)
In / at / on / by (position)
To / at / in / into (direction)
In / on / at (other uses)
Noun + preposition (reason for, cause of etc.) / preposition + noun
Adjective + preposition / preposition + adjective
Verb + preposition
Subjunctive mood / unreal wishes (I wish.)
Conditional sentences
Sentence completion (adjectives + nouns)
Give the right definition. Give the right synonym / antonym / homonyms / definitions
Dialogue completion
Text completion (last sentence of the text)
Text completion (missing part)
Gap filling (right form of the verb)
Gap filling (mixed: nouns, verb, preposition, and conjunctions)
Gap filling (choose the right paft of speech to fill the gap)
Main idea. Summarizing
Working with texts
Give the right answer to the question
Choose the suitable proverb/ moral / idiom to the text
Reading comprehension Periphrasis. Right variant of translation

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