Speak about the sources of energy. Compare.

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The sources of energy available today on the planet represent both the renewable and the nonrenewable sources of power. They are used to power mankind`s need of energy under the form of electricity, heating, light, transportation and manufacturing. Primary and Secondary Sources of Energy. The primary sources of energy are used to produce secondary sources of energy. Such energy sources are referred to as “renewable” energy sources because the energy sources that we are using up and cannot be generated in a short period of time are called non-renewable energy sources. So, all the sources of energy can be divided into two categories: renewable sources and non-renewable sources of energy. Renewable energy sources are plentiful, sustainable and kind to the environment. And the great thing is, they`ll never run out!
Generally, energy production comes from two primary sources; these are fossil fuels and clean energy. Secondary sources come from primary sources; one example is electricity. In the U.S., energy consumption is usually given in kilowatt-hours.

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